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[09 Sep 2008|06:44pm]
Back in Tokyo...

after spending the night in a very splurgy hotel... how can you complete a great day?
go in a great store 8 floors of toys/actionfigures/modelkits/dyecast hotness !!!
Needless to say I had to spend money there....
So many things bring back memories of japanese animes when I was a little kid in Italy...
cya !!!
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[04 Sep 2008|08:15pm]
Posting from Japan....
I'm in an internet cafe in Osaka....and now that I got through the japanese settings and this weird keyboard that keeps switching to kanas, I can say it's weird... full of weird people...
full of people who's probably living in the cafe, I mean, here they have beds, showers, food, mangas and pcs.... so... you do the math.

pour resumer en un mot le Japon... je peux seulement dire une chose....
but it's wicked cool

So long for now... I must go eat in a ramenya... and then try and convince myself not to buy that Asus eepc that seams to cost only 9.950 yen
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IT'S BOWTIME !!! [16 Aug 2008|12:00pm]

My new babyCollapse )
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[15 Jun 2008|05:31pm]
Maybe the spark is back again....

despite my selfdepressing state, I want to go back fencing.

No, this monday, meaning tomorrow, is excluded, but maybe next one?
I want to go back, at the point that today I fetched myself a hilt and a handle for my darkwood dagger blade that was sitting there ever since.

and then I really want to try archery... and when I'm saying the spark is getting back, I'm saying that I spent the afternoon building a leather quiver with leather scraps I had at home.... I'm almost proud of myself... the quiver is almost finished... I just have to put a bottom, (I will need some help with that) and it's done.

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A little update. [31 May 2008|06:32pm]
I'm not dead.

This last times has been rough, as something keeps me worried.

On top of that, last week my old trusty pc decided to end the nice relationship with me. Dead. End. Caput. Finito.
So I had to get more in debt to buy a new one...
but the good thing is this...

before I had a p3 500mhz with pc100 ram with a shitty geforce4(I was still running WoW though, even if at 800x600 and if there were more than 5 thingies in the screen everything were moving like not moving at all :p... yeah...imagine medium sized encounters on 5 man instances.... so don't even bother trying a 10man raid... Alterac Valley??? are you crazy??.... that sort of gameplay)

anyway, now I have a Core 2 Duo 2.33mhz (clocked @ 1333mhz), 2gigs of ram ddr3 at 1066mhz (I don't need more as I'm with WinXp), and a GF8 EN8800GT 512megs graph card....
I mean.... I put all WoW settings at max, and The beginning of Alterac, you know... with 40 people waiting in front of the grate, buffing and all the shit... and I was running like a breeze !!!
And let's not forget Oblivion, with obviously every video setting at max...
man that looks good on a 19" screen !!!

Now I'll go back playing Oblivion...

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[15 May 2008|12:13am]
The Cure = Great Show !!!
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[29 Apr 2008|09:45pm]
Good thing.... Got today the ticket to HeavyMtl in the mail...

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[22 Apr 2008|09:01am]
Shall I go or shall I not go?

man I wanna go to HeavyMtl....

Since yesterday, I have this tingling voice in my head....
I wanna see Iron Maiden.... I wanna see Iron Maiden....

who's going?
I think I will...
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A Little Update [19 Jan 2008|03:30pm]
A little bit of news.

Work is sometimes hard on the mental side, and I get home so tired that I don't have really the strenght to do anything else.
But at least I do work A LOT, we have a BIG backlog, even if it seams that Toronto, has an even bigger one.... so we are pretty busy... last month I got assigned to two more programs, so it get's busier and busier...

Japanese courses are just about the only thing (and luckly the really only free available night) that I can do.... The new teacher is interesting and she speaks mostly japanese during class, so, it is good for the learning process.
Got to get faster in both reading and wrigting Hiragana and Katakana, because she only write those (and some kanjis) at the board, so it's "Learn them or learn them".
I'm forcing myself to write only in kanas, on my notebook... so I hope I'll get better soon.

My *J* is the best... I got a DS for christmas from her :)

I miss fencing but I still cannot go to practice being still logistically and timewise impossible.... I hope to be able to go back to some practice this springtime, to be sure people don't forget I actually exist.
My rapiers are in my bedroom looking at me each time with big eyes as for saying...."have you forgotten us?".... poor babies....but after I tell them, they understand I really cannot play with them for now...

If you are what you eat.... well right now I'm not a good person... hehe

I got lucky and I got a reservation for my PESCOF courses next march, I'll try to go there not too tired, so hopefully I'll pass the exams at the first try.

I think that's all for now...
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[06 Nov 2007|03:27pm]
I have a very nice violin for sale
luthery made, 40s or 50s.
Label says Giovanni Gerosa, 1947, but has not been authenticated.
Price is confidential and given only to potential buyers.
pics here

If you know someone who could possibly interested please mail at
tkot 78 @ hotmail dot com

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[21 Aug 2007|09:31am]
I'm back to the world of the living, and I will go fencing tonight.
still to figure: how to actually "get" there...but hey.... it's still a step forward.

That's all.
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[17 Apr 2007|12:32pm]
Little update to tell I like this job :)

right now, during the lunch break, I went *this* close in buying 2 swords.
than I came to my senses, and stopped before entering my cc number.

Meditating to get goooood karma for finding an apartment.

Still playing wow.... mhmm....

Patience will again be an important part, for helm and sword coming from Ulisse in Italy.... oh well... if it takes too much time I will buy it from *those* guys in Ukraine, they have some neat pieces...

I must get in shape again... I'm getting fatty :p

My neck kills me.

Must build an armor stand.

tu doo doo doo doo katamari on the swing ....
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[09 Jul 2006|04:43pm]

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[04 Jul 2006|05:58pm]

Solo un secondo per dirvi :


And now, after bowing to Saint Grosso and Saint Del Piero (MAVVAIIII ACHILLEEEEE !!!!!) I run that tonight is Rapier Fighting for me :)


BILD Tornatene a casa !!!! Manno' accasa gia' ci stai !!!

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[26 Jun 2006|09:24am]
La pensée du jour:



thank you.
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[24 Jun 2006|07:04pm]
Everyone's talking about food so..... I decided to make a photoshoot of tonight's dinner...

you probably don't give a **** about that... so I put it behind a cut.

And here you have....

Penne ai broccoli!Collapse )
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[20 Apr 2006|06:59pm]
YAY :))

the swords are here !!!
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[30 Mar 2006|08:43am]
[ mood | angry ]

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

je suis en tabarnak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

je commence a croire vraiment a une theorie de conspiration contre moi.


j'ai besoin de me remonter le morale.
je vais me commander des epees.....


c'est fait....je me sent un peu mieux.

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[22 Mar 2006|09:40am]
This is a question to anyone who knows London, or knows someone in London
Please, if you have some friends in London in your list, cross post this :)

How much it will take from Heathrow Airport to Stansted Airport?

If I arrive at Heathrow at 9:05, will I be able to take a plane at Stansted at 11:50?
or should I get the plane next day, and stay one day/night in London.
In this case, do you know affordable places and or prices ranges for an average day in London (including getting from Heathrow to Stansted) (or a nice soul willing to host me for a night and of course I would pay for the disturb :))

If you know something, it will really help me.

If you want to contact me directly to have more informations (dates, reasons etc.) please mail me at
tkot78 @ hotmail . com
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[06 Mar 2006|10:23am]
Today I got interviewed by CBC Radio One.

Neat :)
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