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A Little Update

A little bit of news.

Work is sometimes hard on the mental side, and I get home so tired that I don't have really the strenght to do anything else.
But at least I do work A LOT, we have a BIG backlog, even if it seams that Toronto, has an even bigger one.... so we are pretty busy... last month I got assigned to two more programs, so it get's busier and busier...

Japanese courses are just about the only thing (and luckly the really only free available night) that I can do.... The new teacher is interesting and she speaks mostly japanese during class, so, it is good for the learning process.
Got to get faster in both reading and wrigting Hiragana and Katakana, because she only write those (and some kanjis) at the board, so it's "Learn them or learn them".
I'm forcing myself to write only in kanas, on my notebook... so I hope I'll get better soon.

My *J* is the best... I got a DS for christmas from her :)

I miss fencing but I still cannot go to practice being still logistically and timewise impossible.... I hope to be able to go back to some practice this springtime, to be sure people don't forget I actually exist.
My rapiers are in my bedroom looking at me each time with big eyes as for saying...."have you forgotten us?".... poor babies....but after I tell them, they understand I really cannot play with them for now...

If you are what you eat.... well right now I'm not a good person... hehe

I got lucky and I got a reservation for my PESCOF courses next march, I'll try to go there not too tired, so hopefully I'll pass the exams at the first try.

I think that's all for now...
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