TKoT (tkot) wrote,

A little update.

I'm not dead.

This last times has been rough, as something keeps me worried.

On top of that, last week my old trusty pc decided to end the nice relationship with me. Dead. End. Caput. Finito.
So I had to get more in debt to buy a new one...
but the good thing is this...

before I had a p3 500mhz with pc100 ram with a shitty geforce4(I was still running WoW though, even if at 800x600 and if there were more than 5 thingies in the screen everything were moving like not moving at all :p... yeah...imagine medium sized encounters on 5 man instances.... so don't even bother trying a 10man raid... Alterac Valley??? are you crazy??.... that sort of gameplay)

anyway, now I have a Core 2 Duo 2.33mhz (clocked @ 1333mhz), 2gigs of ram ddr3 at 1066mhz (I don't need more as I'm with WinXp), and a GF8 EN8800GT 512megs graph card....
I mean.... I put all WoW settings at max, and The beginning of Alterac, you know... with 40 people waiting in front of the grate, buffing and all the shit... and I was running like a breeze !!!
And let's not forget Oblivion, with obviously every video setting at max...
man that looks good on a 19" screen !!!

Now I'll go back playing Oblivion...

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